Arfff @ 10/26/2010 14:40 commented on Terry and his motor.


Arfff @ 4/7/2009 03:19 commented on iLKke

Thank you all for your comments!

dear skeddles, allow me to disagree with your statement:

the one piece you might be referring to is the "disco dimension", from where the colours where picked. On the other hand, please note that the artist's self-portrait is a re-occuring theme throughout his gallery, for example:

1. Isotar ... 2. Avataur ... 3. My green-eyed armchair ... as well as several other versions of his avatar.


As explained in the piece's description, the whole thing is a reference to Dan Malone's Chaos Engine...

if you are not familiar with iLKke's early works @ PJ, check this out ... if you still don't understand the connection,

Check Chaos Engine's character bio's, it's definitly a game worth playing.


Arfff @ 4/3/2009 04:54 commented on iLKke

Much obliged dear old chap!

It will be a pleasure and an honour to add the club's pin to this piece's jacket.

Arfff @ 3/6/2009 01:43 commented on Sport TV Host Avatar

In a sense it’s a one-man show… except there are two men involved, Hartson and Berkovic, and a third man, the goalkeeper. — John Motson, English football commentator

Thank you for your comments :)

Arfff @ 2/23/2009 02:19 commented on AEROBICA poster

thanks for the comments folks

Arfff @ 1/23/2009 02:24 commented on Summer-Longing
Thanks iLKke. It's remarkable how a community like Pixeljoint is able to replace school in many aspects. I wonder what would happen if teachers were kicked out of school and students (from different levels) were left to learn with each other's experience.

Arfff @ 11/26/2008 02:21 commented on Summer-Longing
Thanks for the comments, everyone. I see her legs are a controversial issue :)
In fact I believe the reason for this is that the upper part has more realistic pretensions than the lower.
These two parts might contrast in terms of expression. I'm not saying I was aiming at it... it just happened that way.

Arfff @ 11/25/2008 02:14 commented on experimental
Right on! >>> 6/6 <<<

Arfff @ 11/25/2008 02:10 commented on Toxic Sonic: Pere Lachaise Cemetery
Chances are, we might have already shared the same sidewalk :) I'll be moving to a new flat in February, from the South entrance (La Roquette) to the North entrance (Gambetta)... It seems I can't stay away from the graveyard.
(The Marais level ---> "Zombie Vernissage")

Arfff @ 11/24/2008 08:21 commented on Toxic Sonic: Pere Lachaise Cemetery
Awesome! ... I live and work only a few meters from Pére Lachaise's south entrance. It's funny to see my neighbours here!

Arfff @ 11/19/2008 03:29 commented on Fuzzz
Thumbs up! This makes a quite effective game pitch by itself, I would say.

Arfff @ 9/30/2008 15:09 commented on Sagitupid
Obrigado RaposaRoxa! Passa um bom dia a São Paulo da minha parte. ;)

Arfff @ 9/2/2008 02:08 commented on Daft Punk
Està espetacular! Gosto especialmente da animaçao e do fundo... 5 estrelas, apesar de algumas zonas do tecido estarem um pouco exageradas em termos de sombra para o meu gosto.
Jà era tempo de ter mais pessoal aqui na comunidade a falar português.
Parabèns ;)

Arfff @ 7/1/2008 08:20 commented on Chumchum 2.0 (click for full view)
It looks great!

what exactly do you mean by "cleaned-up rotation"?

Arfff @ 7/1/2008 03:09 commented on One More Time
I'm speechless! This is good taste plus excellent technique, times great concept...
So when are we gonna get iLKke as a featured pixel artist with an interview 'n' all? :)

Arfff @ 6/20/2008 00:45 commented on Cityscape Parallax
Thanks! "It's all in a day's work for bicycle-repair-man"

Arfff @ 6/13/2008 08:36 commented on Collision Course
thanks! I'm sure to add more elements afterwards, as it'll become part of a splash screen for a game.

Arfff @ 6/12/2008 06:08 commented on El Commie
Simple and effective! He's sure to kick some capitalist ass :)

Arfff @ 6/11/2008 01:31 commented on Invaders
Yes, I know. But the graphics play a major role in any game. Thus, it's the part in which I'm interested.

Arfff @ 6/11/2008 00:51 commented on Invaders
Congratulations! it surely is one of the best games of the genre I played so far :)

Arfff @ 6/10/2008 15:38 commented on Space chips
I knew there was something wrong with the tail... I remade it a couple of times, but didn't know exactly how to diminish that effect. I will give it another try, hopefully tomorrow it will be updated with that and 360º spin animation :)

Arfff @ 6/10/2008 06:45 commented on Arfff Airfield
thanks for the comments!
@ jalonso, I agree with you, I think I will replace the building and edit the pilot.
@ zi-double, you're right about the shadows and the cabbin, but I don't understand what you mean about the tail.
@ DJPieSlice, nops, the Brigand only has two engines.
@ matt0, It was not a nightmare :) it just takes some time and patience, but it pays off in the end.

Arfff @ 5/22/2008 14:54 commented on Renoise Avatar
:D fasttracker, madtracker, modplug-tracker, renoise... you name it. Everyone I was making music with since back in those days eventually changed to Pro Tools, Live, Cubase. But I can't seem to give up Renoise. I guess it must be the same nostalgia that fuels the interest for pixel-art. Everytime I quit the application I'm still expecting to get that groovy MS-DOS C:\> on screen!

Hey iLKke, do you have some tracks on-line?

Arfff @ 5/8/2008 04:09 commented on Havoc Zone - Leviathan Dropship
Amaaaaaazing! The ship's design makes me wanna grab a pile of lego bricks and start building it

Arfff @ 4/30/2008 13:46 commented on Three Cheers for Animal Cruelty
who can blame Mario? he was only acting in self-defence!